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Perfect Locations to Put Your Mesh Vinyl Sticker

Advertising, in any form, is the only way to make your business known to many and reach your target market. But what can you do with well-designed print materials like mesh vinyl stickers or banners if you don’t display them in a strategic location? Waste of resources, isn’t it?

That is why aside from planning out the content of your campaign, you also have to launch to the right platforms and areas with high foot traffic to drive more potential customers to your business. In this guide, let us look into the perfect locations to put your mesh vinyl sticker as proven by successful advertisers.

But first... What Is a Mesh Vinyl Sticker?

Also referred to as tattoos, vinyl stickers, or wall stickers, a mesh vinyl sticker is a type of decal usually placed on the glass. With a mesh sticker, the image will be visible outside, yet the people inside can still see the other side of the glass’ surface. You may use it as a decoration or as promotional material for your business. 

Where Should You Display Your Mesh Vinyl Sticker? 

Unlike being in the online space where you can reach the mass by posting on your social media accounts and publishing content on your website, you need to place a printed or physical advertisement in an area where many people can see it. Here are some of the perfect locations to put your mesh vinyl sticker for it to fully serve its purpose:

  • Office Doors 

Welcome your clients with a professionally designed mesh sticker on your office door. Doing so allows you to communicate to your potential and current customers more information about your company and the services you offer. You may also include your office’s hours in the design so that people will know when and when not to visit your office.  

Another benefit of placing a mesh vinyl sticker on your office door is it makes your place of the business easier to locate for those who found out about you through your website. You can take advantage of it, especially when your office blends in with tens and hundreds of other workrooms. 

  • Car Bumpers and Transits 

Why advertise in one place when you can do it in multiple places without much of an inconvenience? 

Cars and transits are moving vehicles that can go from west to east and south to north in a short time. Well, shorter compared to walking. And that is what makes these vehicles effective instruments for marketing campaigns. Since they can move from one place to another, more people can see the adverts anytime, anywhere. With this, a single advertisement can reach a wide number of potential customers.

  • Mesh Vinyl Stickers in Cars

If you want to convey a short yet powerful message to the public using your car, you can place a sticker on the bumper, as seen in other cars. Aside from marketing campaigns, you can also use bumper stickers to inform those behind you that you are a new driver or there’s a baby in the car—some sort of a warning to them.

  • Mesh Vinyl Stickers in Transits

Because of the huge space in transits like busses and vans, it will be easier to place a mesh vinyl sticker on the surface and use it as a marketing campaign. Moreover, it allows you to present attention-grabbing graphic elements and essential information on the design without the need for people to go near so they can read the text and see the images.

  • Shop Windows 

Another strategy business owners do to have customers flock to their shops is by offering discounts to them. Typically, they do this during peak seasons and holidays. Common types of holiday sales include Black Friday Sale, Christmas Sale, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day. 

Aside from social media posts and word-of-mouth advertising, how can you communicate to your customers that you will have an upcoming holiday sale and you’ll offer significant discounts to them? By putting up a mesh vinyl sticker on your shop windows. Through this, people who are just passing by your store will know that you will offer great deals soon, which will persuade them to buy and ultimately increase your income. 

The good thing about these stickers is you can remove them when you don’t need them anymore. Then, stick another design for a different purpose.

  • Mesh Vinyl Stickers as Decorations 

Shop windows look too plain and lifeless? You can add more life and a pop of colour to it with the help of a mesh vinyl sticker

As we’ve mentioned beforehand, you can also use this material as a decoration for your walls and windows. If you’re selling clothes, you can set up mannequins and other design elements inside your store. Then use the vinyl sticker on the windows or walls as a frame.

Lastly, you can also put up in your shop windows the opening hours of your store. It helps customers come to the establishment at the right time and not when it’s closed.

  • Floors 

People don’t always look up or see what’s on their eye level. As we walk, we stare at the floor and take a look at our steps. That is why some companies opt for floor advertising. They place vinyl stickers on the floor to endorse new products, highlight their services, promote causes, or publicise special discounts. 

Since people don’t always expect to see advertisements on the floor, this form of marketing campaign is effective in catching the attention of the target market. It is literally a step towards business growth.

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