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Vinyl Vs. Mesh Banner Printing: What’s the Difference?

Vinyl or Mesh banner printing – which is better? If you have an event coming up and need to put up banners for it, which would be better, vinyl or mesh? While both types are equally sound choices, the best choice for you would depend on the event’s location, your budget, and other preferences you might have. 

Mesh Banners

If you have seen a banner that seems as though it is made of see-through material, that would be a mesh banner. As opposed to vinyl mesh banner printing differs mainly because of the small holes that are in the construction of mesh banners. These holes allow wind to pass through, and because of that, the sign remains stable and always readable.  

Mesh banners are great for outdoor events especially where they are attached to perimeter fencing. You will often see mesh banners at development sites, outdoor concert events and parks and fields – usually places that experience high foot traffic and where the banners are viewed from long distance. Choose mesh banner printing Sydney for your company's outdoor advertising project or anytime your business, school, organisation, or government department, needs to put up outdoor signage.  


Mesh banners last longer

In terms of longevity, mesh banners really stand out. They are unaffected by rain and printed with high quality UV sun-proof inks – truly made to withstand the elements outdoors – so you can rest assured that they will last you a long time. Plus, they are durable and tear-resistant despite being lightweight.  

There is a common misconception that they are less durable than other types of banners, but this is simply untrue and Mesh banners are a great value-for-money choice. Of course, as with any banner or any printed material for that matter, good maintenance is the key to achieving maximum longevity.  

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners, on the other hand, are made of sheets of synthetic substrate that we typically see in everyday banners like vinyl banners, tarpaulins, and other signs are quite common and familiar to all. What makes vinyl durable is that the solid plastic feature allows it to resist from water, dust, or other elements. This makes a vinyl banner incredibly easy to clean as well.  

You will often see vinyl banners at malls, trade shows, schools, or offices. Compared to mesh, they are more popular for indoor use. Vinyl is cheaper than mesh, and since banners used indoors will not be exposed to the elements anyway, it would not be too difficult to maintain them. A good tip to avoid this is to roll instead of folding your vinyl banners if you need to store them.  

Vinyl banners result to sharper, clearer images.  

Compared to mesh where the colours and graphics are often muted due to the mesh construction, the colours and graphics printed onto vinyl will be high definition. If that is more your priority, a vinyl banner would be your best choice.  

Vinyl banners also have quicker production turnaround time than mesh, so if you are in a rush, go for vinyl. Also, if you need double-sided print – You need to go for Vinyl Banners.  


Whether it's vinyl or mesh banner printing you need, we at Banner Blokes have got you covered

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