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6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Double Sided Teardrop Flags

Although almost everything now goes digital, physical promotional materials remain in the running for being one of the most effective forms of advertising. Businesses are still giving out flyers, printing brochures, displaying banners, and putting up double sided teardrop flags.  

Do you know that there’s a lot you can do with teardrop flags? Read on to find out.

What Are Double Sided Teardrop Flags?

Resembling the shape of a teardrop, double-sided teardrop flags are banners that use blockout material for printing. This type of flag has one stand and a back-to-back graphic design or text. While it has two sides, there is a lining that divides the two sides and prevents them from revealing the print of the other. 

Getting the Most Out of Double Sided Teardrop Flags

Now that we are in a fast-paced world, businesses are pushed to catch up with the trend to meet the market’s needs and standards. For this reason, entrepreneurs come up with different strategies; thus, the need for ever-changing promotional materials. 

One of the benefits of a double-sided teardrop is that it is temporary and portable. So, you can put it up anywhere and take them down without doing much. You can use flags for: 

  • Promoting Discounts

Discounts and freebies will always entice buyers. That is why businesses offer promos to the consumers to persuade more people to avail of their products and services. However, it also needs the right promotion to make your offers known to many. Without it, your efforts will come to waste as only a few will come to your store.  

You can place a teardrop banner in front of your shop to let people know that you have a promotion or sale that’s going on. On the material, feature one of the biggest deals your customers can avail of and include the essential details, like the date of the promotional effectivity. 

  • Sponsoring Events

Are you sponsoring an event outside your business? If so, you can commemorate your sponsorship by putting up a banner at the event’s venue. 

Sponsoring an event can create a positive image for your brand, be it sports leagues, community occasions, charities, or other efforts that help connect with the people. When the public perceives you as a company that helps others establish a relationship with the community and aids the community in its entirety, you will have more chances to get people to patronise your brand. 

  • Informing the Public About an Event

Aside from sponsoring events that are outside of the business, company owners also organise events on their own. This is to generate more leads by raising awareness about their offers and objectives. Moreover, it enables them to establish strong relationships with other companies and build partnerships. 

One of the bases that make an event successful is the number of people that show up. And you can get more audience for whatever you’re organising if you promote it the right way. Having a teardrop flag will help you with that. Using this type of promotional material enables you to put up different banners for different events without spending and doing much.

  • Drawing Attention to Your Company

Regardless of what the organisation offers, everyone’s goal is to draw attention to their company. Everyone wants to be known, not just for their business offers but also their values. And you can do this with a banner or flag.  

When people see a material that screams your brand, you will draw more attention to your business. Imagine walking on the road and seeing a banner about a company. Chances are, you will get curious and check out the store. And if they get lucky, you’ll buy some stuff, too! 

For entrepreneurs, see to it that you are consistent with your branding so as not to confuse people. Your designs must match the other designs you have for your print materials. In doing so, people will know that the advertisement is from you without even taking a closer look at it.

  • Announcing Seasonal Events

Different seasons of the year call for different events. That is why both individuals and business owners find time to gather, have fun, and celebrate. Some seasonal events include Halloween, Father’s Day, Black Friday, Easter, and the ever-famous Christmas.  

Businesses also hold seasonal events during the beginning of summer, winter, spring, or fall because this is the time when people think about buying new clothes for the season. Seasonal changes also make people re-evaluate what they eat and where to go. 

So, to boost sales, stores offer promotions to their customers and advertise them with banners. You can do that as well!

  • Grabbing Attention During Trade Shows

Some business owners participate in trade shows to meet other entrepreneurs and meet potential customers in person. In addition, it gives them the avenue to evaluate their competitors. And if you’re planning to participate in your industry’s trade show, it would greatly help to put up teardrop flags or even other types of banners.

Why Flags?

With lots of options for businesses to promote their offers, what makes a double-sided teardrop flag a cut above the rest? 

  • It is affordable. 
  • It enables you to reach a wide audience without requiring much space. 
  • It is portable and lightweight. 
  • It is easy to put up and takedown. 
  • It doesn’t easily wear out despite the weather condition.  

It Doesn’t Take Much to Capture the Attention of Many

As we’ve highlighted in this article, you don’t have to spend much when utilising double-sided teardrop flags. So, if you’re planning to use flags to promote your business and the products or services you offer, Banner Blokes has exactly what you need. With high-quality flag material and prints, you can attract more attention even from afar.   

Our teardrop banners come in different sizes, including 2.5 metres, 3.5 metres, 4.5 metres. We also have other types of wind flags, such as bow banners and rectangular banners. Call us on 1300 624 044, and we’ll help you get more leads and customers for your brand.