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5 Types of Window Decals for Your Store Windows

A characteristic of a successful retail shop is one where customers don’t think twice before coming in. A place that can enchant passersby without having to personally invite them in. That's why you need eye-catching window decals on your storefront.  

There will always be people from the outside looking in. They are going to want to look through your window to see what’s inside. If you want your store to really get people to pause and have a look, you need your windows to be interesting. Your window displays can attract a lot more people than you think. People are naturally curious so putting a unique window display decals can and will catch the eyes of anyone passing by. You simply must showcase your store’s vibe. Make it interesting, and it won’t be long until the customers come pouring in.  

What are window decals and why do you need them? 

For a lot of stores, having window decals is a great way to advertise, invite, and showcase their brand to their potential customers. Decals are images and graphics that are applied to a glass surface as advertising designs. They are also called vinyl window stickers or window graphics. 

Vinyl is used for decals as it is very durable and can be seen whether you are viewing the decal from inside or outside the store. For you to know what decal design you should have, here are five types of decals you can use for your store.  

Clear Decals  

If you want a design that’s clean and that doesn’t cover the view of the inside of your store, you can choose to go with clear decals. These decals are printed on clear vinyl sheets so that people walking past can see your design as well as see what you have inside.  

Opaque Decals

If you want a little mystery, you can opt to have opaque decals on your store windows. The design of your decal is placed on a white sheet of vinyl. This makes it harder for people see through the glass. This type of decal can intrigue on-lookers, encouraging them to come in to see what’s behind the window.  

One Way Vision Decals  

One-Way Vision decals are perfect for window signage and extremely popular for retail store windows and vehicle window advertising. Light filters through and allows you to see out of the window with an almost solid image showing through on viewing side. 

Frosted Decals  

Another type of window graphics is the frosted decals. These decals are printed on frosted sheets of vinyl. You can choose to have them perforated or opaque. You can also choose to either have the whole sheet frosted or you have only some parts of it frosted.  

Vinyl Lettering  

For minimalist designs, you can opt for vinyl lettering. With this type of decal, individual cut-outs of vinyl are attached to your stores glass window.

There are many uses window decals. You can show your store’s logo on a large portion of the glass. You can also put your menu on the window, so customers can choose what they want to order before they even enter the store. Decals are a cool way to decorate your store window. Plus, they are usually the first thing people see when they walk by your store. So, why not get some amazing decals for your shop windows today?