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What Are Custom Bar Runners?

Setting up a bar is a very involved process. There is a long list of paperwork to prepare and items to buy before completing the process—from meeting all the government’s requirements e.g. liquor licenses etc, to the simple things like designing custom bar runners. In this article, we will leave the paperwork to you! We will talk about the less complicated yet essential material - bar runners.

Everything You Need to Know About Bar Runners

  • What Are These Materials?

Commonly known as bar mats, bar runners are an essential bar product that helps protect your bar’s surface from spillage. Our quality bar runners have high quality nitrile rubber backing and a non-woven fabric surface. 

The custom surface is designed to be the perfect print surface, so you can design custom bar runners to advertise your venue, events or brands. Doing so enables you to communicate your brand to your customers while maintaining your consistent branding within the premises.

  • How Do Bar Runners Help Bartenders in Their Preparation?

Bartenders need time and the right tools to prepare every drink. In most cases, bartenders use bar mats to place their “in progress” cocktails. It is where they will pour, mix, and garnish drinks. With bar runners in place, any spilled drink won’t go directly to the surface, thus preventing damage.   

  • What Is the Difference between Bar Runners and Coasters? 

Unlike bar runners, drink coasters are produced on absorbent cardboard and are much smaller. You use them to absorb the condensation that drips outside the glass or beer mugs. Moreover, you may also place the coaster on top of the beverage, especially when you haven’t finished your drink. A coaster may prevent contamination and dust from entering your glass.

  • Keep Your Customers Safe from COVID-19 with These Print Materials 

The COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, and it still poses a threat to us all. That is why restaurant and bar owners should see to it that they observe the health and safety standards to protect their staff and clients from acquiring the virus. With that in mind, they use different materials, such as café barriers and various signage - But how do they help lessen the spread of the virus?

  • Café Barriers 

Bar and food establishments have barriers around their tables to clearly identity safe areas. The barriers are protective boundaries that help safeguard people from the virus. However, the owners should also make sure that they sanitise these materials to keep them clean and safe.

  • Signage for Safe Distances and Directions 

Another thing that helps mitigate the risks of COVID-19 is social distancing. While this rule is easy to follow since it just asks people to keep a safe distance from each other, previously most of us have been used to staying close to others, especially if they are our friends or family members.  

For this reason, some people need a constant reminder about this rule. So, owners of venues can use decal signage on the floor or the wall to point patrons in the right direction. Usually, this signage contains messages like “Please maintain social distancing.” with an illustration of two feet where an individual is supposed to step on.

Other Food Establishment Essentials 

Whether you are running a bar, restaurant, or café, your venue may need the items listed below— either as promotional tools or products that help you have a streamlined business operation: 

  • Printed Mats  

Printed mats allow you to advertise your venue and branding at the front door or reception while also protecting your interior. It is a perfect way for venues to welcome their clients while highlighting branding. You can easily use your company logo and add your name and tagline to the design.  

Banner Blokes offers printed mats that you can customise according to your preferences and needs. These are machine washable, so you won’t have to worry about their design fading as time passes by. Our processes guarantee you that we have deep and rich colour printing to produce realistic images, beautiful patterns, and clear logos. 

  • Vinyl Banners 

Banners are marketing materials that allow you to promote limited offers, events, products, or services. With a display solution, you can add important details about what you offer and such detail as QR codes that will redirect those who are interested to your website or other offers you may want to convey to them. We offer single-sided and double-sided vinyl banners, which both feature full-colour printing, on 450 gsm highest quality vinyl banner material. 

Banners, Mats, Decals—Name It, We Have It! 

Are you thinking about upgrading your printed materials for your bar, yet you can’t find a service provider that offers great service and at reasonable prices? Banner Blokes is here to save the day! We print different types of promotional materials, signages, or custom bar runners. And we make sure that we give you nothing but the best quality, both in printing and the material itself. Call us now on 1300 624 044 and tell us how we can provide you with what you need.