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Full-Size Window Decals Design Tips to Spread Your Brand Message

Your brand itself communicates a message. Now, your job is to spread this message to the public so that they will be well-aware not just of your business offers but also its values.  

Have you ever thought about using full size window decals to convey your brand message to the public? If so, we’ll walk you through how to do it the right way. And if not, you’ll change your mind after reading this article.

What Are Window Decals? 

Also known as window stickers or window graphics, window decals are made of vinyl sheets printed with letters, images, and illustrations (or all of them) that come with an adhesive layer at the back. As the term implies, you adhere these sheets on the windows or any smooth and clean glass surface.

Types of Decals Used by Businesses

Businesses use window decals to promote their offers, inform people about their events, or establish brand awareness. Here are the different types of decals you may choose from for whichever purposes it may serve you:

  • Clear Vinyl Decals

Owners of different establishments use these decals to display an image or a message on their glass windows or walls but don’t want the material to block the natural light and the view outside. The vinyl used for these decals has a transparent background, making it great for full size window decals.

  • Opaque Window Decals

These decals will work best for people inside the buildings that need privacy, such as gyms, restaurants, cafés, or offices. With opaque window decals, the viewers can only see the design and not the other side of the glass. It can also be beneficial for covering up unsightly views.

  • Static Window Clings

Instead of using adhesive, this type of material uses static clings for the design to stick to the glass surface. People in business use these decals for temporary or short-term promotions, like seasonal deals or events, because they are easier to remove. 

How to Design Winning Full-Size Window Decals

The money you spend for the printing of full size window decals will be useless if you don’t design the material in a way that will help you convey your brand message to a wide range of people. In this section, we have outlined a step-by-step guide on how to create window decals that make individuals look twice.

  • Know the Decal’s Purpose

Before you start designing, you first have to determine the purpose of your decal. Remember, decals have different types you can choose from, and the material you will use will largely depend on what you want to achieve. You may refer to the kinds of decals mentioned above, so you’ll know which is the right one to utilise.

  • Measure the Available Space

Bear in mind that you are designing full-sized window decals for your business. Therefore, you have to make sure that the material will reach the edges of every corner. This way, you will end up looking at a window decal that’s professional, clean, and visually pleasing.  

One way to ensure that you will get the right dimensions for your material is to measure the exact available space on the window.  

Aside from covering up the whole space of your windows, you can use patterned decals as a decoration or add an impressive ambience to the room. If you own a large building with multiple panels, you can use it to your advantage and create one big image or pattern that represents your business. This technique will surely grab the attention of many.

  • Choose the Right Colour Scheme

You may have known by now that each colour represents something. That is why business owners make sure that the colours they use for their logos and other marketing campaigns will speak for their brand values. Not just that, you also have to see to it that the hues are pleasing to the eyes. 

If you are using clear vinyl, it is vital to pay close attention to the contrasting colours so that the people can see and understand the message you want to communicate, even from afar. Filling in the background of your decal with colours and using a contrasting hue for the main design will give you a higher assurance that the material will be visible whether it’s day or night. 

But you know what makes your job much easier? Having a default colour that is associated with your company. It would greatly help to use such to be consistent with your brand.

  • Use Readable Fonts

It is rare to see marketing campaigns written in script typefaces. This is because artistic types of fonts aren’t that readable. Therefore, you need to choose legible fonts if you will include text in your window decal. Three commonly used fonts are Arial, Helvetica, and Verdana because they are easy to read.  

Although we mentioned that you have to do away from script typefaces, you can count your business as an exemption if that is the “feels” people can associate with you. Some products or service providers, like perfume lines, restaurants, clothing stores, and more, use fonts with cursive style because it fits their branding.   

Lastly, one way to ensure that the message you want the people to see will make its way to your target audience is by making the letters bigger.

  • Select the Best Image or Graphics That Will Best Suit Your Message

You don’t have to load your window decal design with many photos, lines, shapes, or other graphic elements. Doing so may make the material messy and unappealing instead of simple yet eye-catching. So, choose the best elements to include in your design and will help you convey your brand message.

Show Off Your Business to the World!

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