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How to Attract the Best Candidates to Your Job Fair Booth

How to Attract the Best Candidates to Your Job Fair Booth
12 December, 2017

Job fairs can be an ideal environment for both the individual who is looking for a new job opportunity and for hiring managers from the company looking to find the best candidates. In order to accomplish this, however, it is important to strategically set up the booth in such a way that it helps to attract the types of candidates your organisation is seeking. But sometimes space is limited and you are working from a small table along with other employers competing for the same candidates. With that said, here are three important tips that can assist hiring managers when recruiting at job fairs.

Tip #1 – Set-up the Booth before the Job Fair Starts

Get an early start. Make sure the booth is set-up and stocked before potential job candidates start walking in. Not only does this project a professional and polished company image, the morning rush of eager job seekers when the doors open is often candidates who are ready to start a new job. By being prepared early, hiring managers will have a better chance at filling open positions quickly from qualified applicants.

Tip #2 – Proper Signage

Be sure to invest in proper signage to make it easier for job fair attendees to find your booth. A large vinyl sign is a great investment. They are not very expensive, can be used at other marketing events and will help your company stand-out whether you have a large booth or a small table. You will also want to use additional signage to alert prospective candidates that your company is setting up interviews on the spot. This can provide a steady stream of candidates enabling your company to hire the best people for the job.

Tip #3 – Offer Promotional Giveaways

Job fairs are not just recruiting events they are marketing events as well. Although some candidates at job fairs may not be ready to apply at your booth during the event, they may want to contact the recruiter at a later date. Providing inexpensive promotional items such as pencils, pens, mouse pads, tablets, key chains, coffee cups and the like will help keep your company fresh on the minds of potential future job candidates.