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3 Proven Ways to Boost Visibility of Your Local Business

3 Proven Ways to Boost Visibility of Your Local Business
26 October, 2017

Most small business owners understand that marketing is an essential element of growing a business, but with so many channels competing for your budget, trying to figure out which one is going to offer the most visibility for the dollar can be a difficult task to achieve. So, if you have a limited marketing budget, here are three proven ways to boost the visibility of your local business.

Sponsor charity and community events

Sponsorship marketing is considered to be one of the most affordable ways for small and local businesses to gain exposure. Sponsoring community or charitable events by supporting a cause that resonates with your brand and customers creates positive publicity that can generate a buzz in the community. It also enables your business to target a niche market that distinguishes your local business from competitors which helps drive sales. Sponsorships can take various formats such as cash or prize donations, pro bono or free services, fundraisers, corporate grant programs and matching gift program, to name a few. To promote your local business and increase visibility at sponsored events be sure to prominently display large vinyl banner signs throughout the event.

Encourage customers to spread the word on social media

With nearly 74 percent of consumer decisions influenced by friends and followers on social media, encouraging customers to spread the word is one of the fastest ways to boost visibility of a local business. However, be sure to ask for their support in a tactful yet unobtrusive manner such as by providing a fair and honest testimonial or review about their experience with your store, product or service. So be sure to encourage your fans, followers and clients to share testimonials and reviews of your local business.

Attract customers with location-based marketing

With Australia leading the world in smart phone use, location-based mobile marketing is a brilliant way to not only increase visibility, but attract both new and existing customers to your local business as well. With location-based marketing, coupons or special offers will instantly display on the mobile devices as potential customers drive by or walk near a competitor or other locations in a defined geographic area. Getting started is easy. Users only need to download an app and opt-in to receive marketing messages from your business.